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Note: Ages 13 to 17 need parental approval to buy and sell. No person under 13 may buy or sell on the paschele app, thank you!

    1. Start by creating your account, set up your profile with size and dimension details.

    1. Get the Paschele app free on your Android, Android Tablet, iPhone, iPad, etc.

    Just go to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store depending on the device you would like to download to.

    You can download the app here or sign up on our webpage at paschele.com

    1. Browse by categories, brands, size, color and just about anything else you are searching for.


    1. Click pictures to view items, save as favorites, or even save as favorite seller.

    You can also view seller collections and seller’s sale items.

    1. Purchase items you love.  We accept credit cards, debit cards, PayPal or paschele credit.

    1. Rate buyers and sellers.  Once both the buyer and seller rate each other the transaction is

    complete and we will release the funds to the seller.  There is a 3 day grace period.

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It starts with YOU!  And millions like you who love and appreciate fashion, styles, and trends all at prices well under retail.

Our site is 100% secure and our professional customer service representatives are always ready to help with all of your questions and/or concerns.


Here at Paschele you will be pleased to know that you can always buy and sell with confidence knowing that we will be here to help. If you are ever dissatisfied with your shopping experience please contact us and we will make it right!

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Simply take a picture of the item you want to sell then add details, such as size, price, color, brand, etc.  (It is recommended that you disclose any damage, stains, imperfections, etc. with your listing to help eliminate return requests).


The items around your home that you no longer desire will become another members treasure. You will be making extra cash in no time!


Open a” Wardrobe Collection” to view all of the items you are selling, and even view your favorites from other Paschele Members.

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The Paschele app for your mobile device is free!  Paschele has a flat fee of $2.99 for sale items under $14.99 and a commission percent for sale items over $14.99. Sellers keep 80% of their sale.

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You choose the proper shipping weight for the item being shipped (Buyer pays shipping which is $6.95 per transaction up to 3lbs. (Other shipping costs will apply for shipments over 3lbs).


Buy in bulk from the same seller and save on shipping costs!  Most items are under 3lbs.


After you make a sale we will email you a prepaid United States Postal Service shipping label.

All you have to do is print the label from your paschele registered email, package the item and drop it off at any post office, post office blue receptacle (if it fits) or even schedule a pick up from your local post person!  You will be sent a tracking number and Viola!  You are done, once the item arrives at its destination and both you (the seller) and buyer leave feedback ratings of their experience your funds will be available to you!

One of the most talked about  concerns of e commerce and social commerce is shipping costs. No one likes shipping charges.  We don’t either, however it is a necessary part of the buying process. That is why we keep our shipping costs as low as possible without sacrificing any postal amenities such as tracking information, insurance and delivery notices.

We have several shipping options that will suit any members needs.
Note: Do not use USPS priority boxes for shipments, thank you!


You can view your balance in account settings or just click the little $ sign icon.  You can then transfer funds to your bank account, PayPal, etc.  Or let it build up in your paschele account and purchase more items you love!

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The paschele app can be used to sell men’s, women’s, kids new and used clothing, accessories, shoes, jewelry and more.  You may also list in these categories:  Home decor, arts/crafts, unique items, storage and organization, electronics, gift baskets, beauty supplies, and makeup!  Please list in these categories only.  Items that have been slightly used should be clean and in good selling condition.  Please disclose all information and or damage and condition of item(s).

Prohibited items include and are not limited to:  Any and all illegal items, replicas, fakes, etc.  Used makeup, used underwear, used hygiene products, copyright materials, used health and/or wellness products are not permitted for sale on the paschele platform.  Any listing of this kind will be removed and may lead to possible suspension of member account.  For more information about illegal and prohibited sale items visit our terms and conditions page.

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At this time, you will be unable to change your username, Thank you!

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This is where you will locate your unique user page.

From here you can share with your family, friends and other Paschele Members.

This is also a creative way to promote your product listings.

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Not at the present time, Thank you!

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Paschele Buyer Protection

We guarantee you are satisfied with every step of your shopping experience.  If your item arrives and it is not as described or is not the item shown in the listing photo(s) we will offer your money back.  Contact our customer service department for a return request, thank you.


Note: Make sure you do not leave feedback, as this is your confirmation of item received and is the correct item in the listing.  After feedback is left for the seller all sales are final!
If your item does not arrive within the proper shipping time frame we will track and locate the package.  If unable to locate package we will issue a refund.  If an item is accepted and feedback rating has been left for the seller there will be no refunds issued, thank you!

Paschele Seller Protection


Once the item has been delivered and the buyer has left you a feedback rating your funds will be released to your paschele account.


We allow the buyer up to 3 days to leave a feedback rating!  If after that time you still have not received a feedback rating we will auto-rate the buyer and release the funds to your paschele account, thank you!


If item has not been received by the buyer within the proper shipping time frame we will track and locate the package.  We will also make sure the buyer has not requested a return for the item shipped.  Always make sure the item is “as described” and the listing photos are the ones of the item being shipped. This will help you to avoid any return requests, thank you!

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Please verify your email address with us at paschele.  Go to account settings, then go to member profile.  Make sure this is the correct email address.


Check the status of your shipment on the paschele app, go to account settings, then go to member profile.  There you may check your purchase(s) and status of your order.


Please remember to only list items that fall within our selling guidelines and to accurately describe your item!

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Use the money you earn for items you would like to purchase on the paschele app.  We will use your balance for these purchases, or if you prefer any other accepted payment method.

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Please contact our support team for information


Contact Us for additional FAQs or other questions and concerns.

Paschele, llc.

Street address

Medford, OR 97501

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