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Buying and Selling Tips

Create beautiful listings with your unique style.  Check out our listing tips to maximize your earnings.  Modeling or demonstrating your item is a very effective way to show off how it fits, its style, how it works, etc.  This will improve the sale of your item by up to 30%.  Use the highest quality photograph resolution as everyone enjoys beautiful pictures.  The better the photo the better the chance for the sale. Show the original price of item in the listing if possible.  Receipt, suggested retail price, or original tags are useful to show the discount price of the item.


Become a reliable and trustworthy seller remember to disclose information about any damage, stains, tears, missing tags, broken parts, etc.  Be as accurate as possible with the item description and details about the item.  This way the buyer knows exactly what to expect.  This will help to eliminate any return requests. Ship your items promptly buyers really enjoy receiving their purchases quickly.  They will keep coming back to you as repeat customers.  Add thank you notes, surprise gifts, etc. to the order.  This will help you build customer loyalty and your customers will remember you as a great seller.  Bundle items so your customers only pay one shipping charge.  This will increase your sales and your buyers will appreciate a bundled shipping cost.


Remember as a seller that you use your own photos, pictures, and photography as to not infringe on copyrights, intellectual property, etc.  Make sure you have permission to use photos, pictures, videos, etc. that are not your own. 


Never post any information that would be considered private, such as personal information, private communications, members addresses, phone numbers, etc. as this could be considered a security risk and could lead to deletion of your account.


Respect manufacture branding such as logos, trademarks, and copyrights.  Paschele name, logos and intellectual property may not be used without prior written consent.


You may also accept a members offer price.  If you do so you are expected to complete the transaction and ship the item as soon as possible within the proper shipping time.


Another great way to be successful on the Paschele buying and selling platform is communication.  Communication between the buyer and seller is great for the sale and purchase of an item.  The buyer can answer any questions and or concerns the buyer may have about the item listing.  The seller can explain more details about the item and allow the buyer to feel comfortable about their purchase.  Great communication will also help with customer loyalty.


Be a great buyer with prompt payment, good communication, and positive feedback about the seller.  If your experience was exceptional let them and the Paschele community know about it.  Leave a thoughtful feedback and rate the seller exceptional.  Always ask the seller about the listing.  If you have any questions or concerns, contact the seller and they will be happy to answer them for you.  Ask any and all questions you have before you purchase the item as you will be responsible for payment.

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